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Stockholm Olympiastadion

The Stockholm Olympiastadion, widely known as Stadion, was built by architect Torben Grut to host the 1912 Olympic Games. Stadion holds more athletic world records than any other stadium. The Stadion hosts many athletic meetings and is the finish line for the annual Stockholm Marathon.


Course Description

The 2015 Stockholm edition of the 5K@EASD will start and finish in the Stockholm Olympiastadion home of the 1912 Olympic Games. The course will take participants through the Djurgårdens forest on both paved and stone training pathways.

Participants gather in the Stockholm Olympiastadion for the start of the 5K@EASD. Participants start on the track and run 1.625 laps on the track and exit the stadium through the main entrance. Immediately turn right, proceeding along the concourse on the outside of the stadium. On the west side of the stadium, exit through the stadium property gate onto Drottning Sofias Väg towards the Djurgårdens, passing the 1km mark.

Turn right onto Träskportsvägen and continue straight past the intersection of Planterhagsvägen and Sodra Fiskartorpsvägen. Continue straight onto the sidewalk next to Sodra Fiskartorpsvägen. Just prior to the railroad bridge, turn left onto Uggleviksvägen. Continue past the 2km mark, bear left continuing on Uggleviksvägen up a steady incline.

Turn left at the intersection of Planterhagsvägen. Just after the Planterhagsvägen water stop, turn right onto Träskportsvägen. Turn right onto Klappjaktsvägen through the 3km mark, then make a left U-turn at the intersection of Klappjaktsvägen and Uggleviksvägen, follow Klappjaktsvägen in the opposite direction and turn left on Träskportsvägen. Follow Träskportsvägen through the 4km mark, turning right at Klappjaktsvägen toward the Stockholm Olympiastadion.

Turn right through the stadium gate on Drottning Sofias Väg. Proceed along the concourse outside the stadium. Continue past the main stadium entrance to the gate on the east side of the stadium. Enter the stadium, turn left at the track and proceed for 3/4 of a lap to the finish line.

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